Hi, I'm Mariah Brettell

I am showing up as me. I avoid re-shoots so you get all the gags, laughs and authenticity. This online studio is a safe space to show up as you are, where you are. I want to make moving your body enjoyable, energising and sustainable. Allowing ourselves to own our stories + nurture our bodies with compassion and love.  Investing in self ensures you can look after yourself, and therefore others. Being a parent, especially a mum, can be very challenging and getting any sort of movement in can be one of the greatest hurdles. I hear you and I am here for you. 

My Path

A California girl, I played volleyball my entire life, learning from a very young age body awareness, strength training and the pressures of being a junior olympic athlete. After a neck and shoulder injury during my first year of NCAA Volleyball at the University of San Diego, an injury I later came to realise was in fact an emotionally induced, I needed a big life change. Not long after, I moved to Sydney, Australia where I continued my physical and mental recovery through pilates, yoga and meditation while studying at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Fast forward some years of working in the fashion + TV industry, I still didn't feel like I was living and working in a way that fully aligned with my values. I was drawn back to health and wellness, back to my love for low impact ways of moving my body and looking after my mental health. With the encouragement of my then boyfriend, now husband and baby daddy, I took a career swing and pursued teaching Pilates, Megaformer and eventually Yoga. Through all of life's lessons so far, my absolute greatest teacher has been my son, particularly the challenges of pregnancy and bringing him into this world. I was bed-bound for almost the entirety of my first pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Severe Symphysis Pubis. For someone who is very active and whose identity lies with my physical capabilities, this was next level difficult. Through that journey I gained a newfound respect for women, the human body, the power of the mind and a deep empathy for those who are not able to be mobile. 

My Experience

I have taught Mat, Corporate Mat and Reformer Pilates in Sydney, Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Lagree Method on the Megaformer and Pilates Reformer, incorporating a lot of the movements into my workouts. My yoga teaching began in a very special studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where I learned from some of the best yoga teachers in Australia. 

I look forward to seeing you in studio soon!