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A modern, all-in-one online studio keeping it real + simple with short, to the point classes so multitasking women can move anytime, anywhere.

Pilates  +  Yoga  +  Pilates Flow  +  Cardio  +   Pre and Postnatal   +  Stretching  +  Meditation

New weekly videos

Unlimited access anytime, anywhere

Short, sharp classes that get to the point

Beginner to experienced welcome

Someone to kick your butt or slow things down

A place to practise gratitude and grow self compassion

Paired Spotify playlists that make you want to boogie

An instructor showing up as herself, so you can too


 Mariah is a great instructor. She is clear, smooth and precise yet super technical. Nice fluid pace, she is super attentive and corrects your form when needed.

You can definitely feel your abs, glutes and all your body working hard. Challenging,                       but results are there and the feeling afterwards is amazing!                                                                                    

Caroline, France

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